Indicator resistors

Recently fitted LED Indicators?
Do they flash fast or not at all?
Here is an affordable solution:
The resistors I supply enable conventional 12V systems in cars and motorcycles to power a new generation of LED conversion without the risk of overload. The product works as a ballast to augment the resistance in the LED, mimicking that of a conventional bulb while dissipating the extra power to avoid damage.
The LEDs generate brighter light while using lower power consumption, and are more resilient than conventional bulbs. Both the LED and the resistor must withstand off road contamination, salt spray and vibration, something which causes conventional filaments to break. It is recommended if you are using these units that you fit one resistor for each LED indicator that you have installed.
All resistors supplied are 50W.


What you get:
1 Load Resistor As Pictured Above With Basic Wiring Tips
2 bolts
2 nuts
2 lengths of heat shrink

Order More Than One And Save On Postage


2.45 + P&P