SV Frame Tidy Kits K3 >K5

Grommet and blanking kit for SV1000 K3 - K5

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This kit really does finish off the look of the bike and cleans up that unfinished area on the frame. The kit comprises of two machined Delrin caps handed to fit in the swing arm pivot points, and a further 11 rubber grommets to fit in the four foot rest hangers, the right hand frame spar, and the two small holes in the gauge area. Suzuki could have sorted it but didnít bother?

These all fit like a glove and are very simple to remove should you want to use the ABBA stand. The two in the pivot points each have two little cut outs at the back to allow you to pop them out using a 10mm screwdriver blade.

£26.00 + P&P